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Why Us

The Aerospace Components Market has been experiencing a very long and peculiar period where the combination of chronic scarce availability of materials and the simultaneous powerful growth in demand is making both prices and delivery lead-times very critical for all Aerospace related businesses.
Westbury Electronic Service can offer to work with customers that need to have both competitive prices as well as “just in time delivery”.
This can be only achieved by making with the customer an initial thorough analysis to precisely assess the actual requirements on an yearly basis by family of products, which will allow us to differentiate the normal “rotable” items which can be easily found on the market, from the more difficult ones discriminated by material, lead-times and relevant growing prices.

Once this analysis is completed, we can propose LTA’s (Long Term Agreements) that will allow Westbury Electronics to carefully plan ahead large acquisition of components - to guarantee the best available prices and to keep these prices constant for the duration of the LTA, stock the material in our warehouse, and ship it only when actually required by the customer.
All the material we supply will be fully traceable, and will be supplied with the Certificate of Conformance of the relevant Manufacturer and, where applicable, the Test Report of each single item.
This allows our customers to strongly reduce dispersion of precious resources in following too many of suppliers, following up orders, deliveries (some lead-times have recently even exceeded 100 wks), expediting, invoicing, payments, etc.
With Westbury Electronics all these efforts and investment can be strongly reduced allowing us to become your “Purchasing Agent” and leave the burden of all the above to us.
We have been on this market for over 25 years, gaining a reputation for reliability, punctuality and integrity that we can almost define unmatchable in this market.
We are looking forward to a mutual, successful, satisfactory relationship.

Competitive Pricing
- Just in Time Delivery
- Inventory in Stock with LTA
- Full Product Traceability
- International Expertise
- European Sales Offices
- Broad Product Range
- Experienced Staff

Quality Policy
Committed to being a supplier of quality products and services that meet our international and U.S. customers needs.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System registered to ISO9001:2008 and AS/EN/JISQ9100 by Intertek Testing Services.
Certificate: AS/EN/JISQ9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008
Full product traceability.

New mailing address
Starting from 15th of July we have a new mailing address

Upgraded to AS9100C
We succesfully upgraded to AS9100C and passed onsite Agusta audit.

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